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Dynamic Task Management for Tenants: A Custom API Approach

Image generated by Stable Difusion Imagine you have an application that is responsible for creating tenant application instances. In those running applications, you need to run specific tasks, which need to be defined differently for each tenant. So we can expose an API on the master application to be used by a tenant application. This API would allow retrieving tasks for the specific tenant while having to report the status back to the main application.
·1 min

Building Laravel Container for Kubernetes

Deploying an application to modern cloud infrastructure like Kubernetes requires an application to be containerized. In this post, I will outline my approach how to containerize the Laravel application for deployment to the Kubernetes cluster. You can use this strategy for any PHP application you have on hand.
·5 mins

Nginx as Caching Proxy for Laravel

Caching is inevitable for higher traffic websites. Even if you are not planning to hit high numbers you would still think about caching to speed up the website and reduce load to web servers.
·2 mins

Going cookieless with Laravel

Laravel & Cookies, I bet you have it lying somewhere. But does it need to be like that? I mean do we have to use cookies? Yes, I know… It is enabled, by default. But. Really. Does every website needs them?
·2 mins